About Tammy Day

Over the past twenty years I have illustrated books, sold and exhibited my paintings as well as designing
 a children's clothing line called Togs by Tammy which has been carried/sold in over nine stores in the US.
I am currently living and designing in Florida.
As with most art & design my creations and mediums evolve, all of my designs
remain strongly influenced by both 'Scandinavian' and 'Caribbean' culture and design, these are
aspects of my backgroundand that are always flavoreing my ideas and views on art and design. I was raised in the dance/theatre world - this is also why the human form is one of my favorite subjects to draw, paint and design for.
My aim is to create, inspire and evoke good feeling.
I am currently designing and developing individual collections of children’s clothes and toys as well as limited edition women's clothes under the label DayLicious.


above photo of Tammy & daughter Ella







All Artwork & Photographs © copyright 2016 Tammy Day